Who wants OGH destroyed: Osmania old-timers suspect ‘ulterior motive’ behind flooding – Deccan Chronicle

Hyderabad: The closure of the main building of Hyderabad’s premier state-run hospital, Osmania General Hospital (OGH), has angered doctors who were associated with the institution. The main building, with 600 beds and two operation theatres, is the heart of the facility.

Some of them suspect ulterior motives behind the flooding of the building last week. On Wednesday, the new building of OGH too had rainwater in the wards, from the windows that had been left open by patients in the general ward.

Dr P. Naik, in-charge superintendent of OGH, said, “Nurses have been instructed to check the windows during the rainy season. Due to the wind direction, rainwater collected in the wards but it was drained out.”

Will the new building also be sealed, asked angry doctors and heritage lovers. The shortcomings of the old building could also be corrected, they said. But it was deliberately allowed to deteriorate, they said.

Dr M. Iqbal Javeed, executive member of the Osmania Medical College Alumni Association, said, “Maintenance has been neglected since 1985. The final nail is the sealing of the building. The hospital has 25.5 acres and most departments were shifted to buildings in different areas of Hyderabad.  Only the general surgery and orthopaedic department were in the building. Yet the heritage building has been constantly targeted. There is no doubt an ulterior motive and rainwater is only a rue for a hidden agenda.”

Doctors working at the hospital, however, say they fear for their safety. A senior doctor from the OGH explained, “We only know that the repair works were undertaken with cement. In the last one year, there have been several instances of pieces of false ceiling falling. When we repaired on one side, it started from another section.”

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