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After the recent ban of CamScanner, you will most likely need another app to scan your documents. Read on for the best CamScanner alternatives to try out.

CamScanner alternatives

The Indian government has recently imposed a ban on 59 Chinese apps that were engaged in activities risking sovereignty and integrity of India and were also prejudicial to the security of the state and public order. TikTok, ShareIt, and UC Browser are some of the hugely popular names that are banned in the country.

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Is CamScanner a Chinese app?

CamScanner is a scan-to-PDF tool for mobile devices and comes from the Chinese developer, INTSIG Information Co. Ltd. And while the app is still available on the Google Play Store and App Store, it will likely be removed from both the platforms in India very soon. However, if you are one of the active users of this easy-to-use document scanner, you are probably looking out for a replacement. So, we have compiled a list of some of the best and highly-trusted CamScanner alternatives that you can try out right now.

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Best CamScanner alternatives

Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan: PDF Scanner with OCR is one of the first tools that comes to mind when you think of alternatives to CamScanner.  The app comes from Adobe and can be easily considered as one of the most trusted options in the category. You can install Adobe Scan on your device for free and start scanning documents right away. The app is available on both iOS and Android phones.

Microsoft Office Lens

The Microsoft Office Lens is also a powerful tool that you can use to replace CamScanner on your device. As the name suggests, the app comes from Microsoft and allows users to scan all kinds of documents before exporting them directly to Word or PowerPoint. The app is a better choice especially for those who are already part of the Microsoft ecosystem.


Developed by Google, PhotoScan is another perfect choice that not only allows you to scan your daily documents, but it also lets you digitize photos and scan it on a hurry. You can save these scanned photos as digital copies.

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Chinese apps banned list

CamScanner is among the widely used Chinese applications that have been banned in India following the order. You can check out the list of all the 59 Chinese apps banned in the country:

Chinese apps banned list

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